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List products to your store automatically.
  • 1、How to set up automatically dropshipping orders processing from CJ APP?

    Step by step: 1. Authorize your store: My CJ > Authorization 2. Connect products: ① automatic connection ② sourcing request ③ listing 3. Payment. 

    For more details, find the tutorial here.

  • 2、How to import an Excel or CSV order?

    There is a way to import your orders using our Excel Template manually. It is simple and you can import hundreds even thousands of orders. Please kindly follow the steps in this article

  • 3、How to split the overweight orders?

    Shipping method like ePacket can only support the package which weights under 2000g. If you do not want to choose DHL as your shipping method, you can split the overweight order into 2 or more packages by using ePacket.

    Find the tutorial here.

  • 4、How can I place a dropshipping order?

    There're three ways to let CJ fulfill the orders.  
    1. After authorizing your store to CJ, list or connect the products to your store. Then sync your orders to us. We will help fulfill your orders after paying. Here is the tutorial.

    2. You can place CSV or excel dropshipping orders through CJ App. Check the tutorial here: How to Import an Excel or CSV Order

    3. You can also place orders manually.

  • 5、How to shorten the processing time or make it faster?

    If the product is ready in our warehouse, we can process your order on the same day. Otherwise, we have to order from the supplier, which will cause a delay of 2-3 days of the processing time.
    If you have regular orders, we recommend you to buy the private inventory to pre-stock in our warehouse to shorten the processing time. 

  • 6、How to place a test order to CJ?

    For the mutual trust, you can first place a test or sample order for one or two items. It will be considered as a bulk purchase order in CJdropshipping.
    Check here for how to make it.

  • 7、What is private inventory and how do I use it?

    If you want to ship your orders directly from the USA or to avoid stock shortage, private inventory would be a good choice for you.
    It means you prepay your products so the stock is available to you only. You can deduct the product price for your orders.
    Check here for How to Place A Wholesale Order on CJ? and How to Use Private Inventory on CJ Dropshipping?

  • 8、How to place manual dropshipping orders to CJ?

    CJ users who have no online stores or failed to import their orders can choose to place orders manually. Please find the tutorial here.

  • 9、Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of products?

    We don't have MOQ and you can place an order for only one item.

  • 10、Why are my Shopify orders not linked to CJ?

    1. Please check if your orders are paid, unfulfilled, and placed within 7 days;

    2. Check if the products are properly connected to CJ;

    3. If your orders are under "Store Orders", Click the reminder "Do you have an order not synced? Click here" to get a solution.

    Check details for how to proceed.

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