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List products to your store automatically.
  • 11、Why can't I sync my WooCommerce orders to CJ?

    Your orders will be synced to CJ only if they meet the conditions following:
    1) Check if the store is authorized and the products are connected. You can find out more details here: What are the common Woocommerce store issue and how should I do?
    2) Your store orders should be paid and valid;
    3) The status of the order should be "Processing";
    4) The orders should be placed within 7 days.  

  • 12、How to export orders from Shopify?

    Before placing CSV/Excel or place manual dropshipping orders, you need to export orders from Shopify. And you can do it in the store order section or using EXPORT OrderPro from Shopify APP Store.

  • 13、How do you pack products?

    Trinkets and jewelry will be packed in bubble envelopes;

    Daily clothing items will be directly packed in express bags;

    Fragile items will be wrapped in bubble film or bubble columns.

    You can also make specified requirements while placing the order. 

  • 14、How to generate an invoice containing orders during a certain time?

    You can generate an invoice containing order numbers for a certain time. Find the tutorial here: How to Generate an Invoice Containing Orders during a Certain Time?

  • 15、Will you send an invoice or receipts along with the parcel?

    No, we won't. Normally we only send items without invoices or receipts unless you request us to do so.    

  • 16、What is private inventory?

    It means the stock is only available to you, and you can use the inventory to deduct the product price in your next order. You can purchase private inventory if you want faster shipping directly from the USA domestic shipping or to prevent products from lack of stock. We now have 7 warehouses including 4 China warehouses, 2 US warehouses, and a Poland warehouse. We recommend purchasing private inventory in our China and US warehouses. Here is the tutorial for you to check: How to Purchase  A Wholesale Order on CJ?

  • 17、How to use CJ google chrome extension for 1688, Taobao dropshipping?

    CJ is also available with Google Chrom Extension. Similar to Oberlo's work with Aliexpress, CJ Google Chrom Extension is also available for sourcing or placing orders directly. CJ Chrome Extension is working with 1688, Taobao, and Tmall for sourcing, listing, wholesale, etc.  You can install it and learn how to use it here.  

  • 18、Why do I have to pay an extra fee during checkout?

    It's mainly about the product size. When the product is oversize, it means the freight companies have to charge the shipment as dim weight/volumetric weight, the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. 

    For this situation, you can check the product attribute before placing orders. Generally, the oversize product may have an extra shipping fee. We'll also optimize the shipping cost calculation to improve the accuracy of shipping costs on the product page. 

  • 19、Could I fulfill one order with multiple suppliers?

    It's ideal to try and find a supplier that provides all your products. But most of the time you need more than one supplier to fulfill your orders. 

    With CJ, your order can be synced when it becomes incomplete orders, you just need to click "Reprocess" and select "Continue and REMOVE unconnected products" if your current supplier is unable to fulfill your orders. 

  • 20、Looking for dropshipping advice?

    You can start a dropshipping business with a limited fund. You don't need to stock or handle the items you are selling. Here's a tutorial for starting a business. 

    For dropshipping beginners, it is recommended to use WED2C.

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