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List products to your store automatically.
  • 11、What is difference between CJ Dropshipping and other Dropshipping APP?

    CJ Dropshipping is a comprehensive website to help every dropshipper from start to success. We provide product sourcing, warehousing, order processing and shipping, etc.. 
    You may want to see our characteristics here.

  • 12、What does "CJ" mean?

    CJ is short for Cute Jewelry, as the original company name of Yiwu Cu Jia Trade Co., Ltd.. We started dropshipping business in 2015.

  • 13、Do you provide a white label/branding service?

    Yes, we can provide a white label service. You can check what kinds of packages CJ has and purchase or design yourself.  

  • 14、How do you charge service fees and member plans?

    We don't charge any monthly fees or membership fees. Product price plus shipping cost are all fees if the products are from our warehouse.
    Overall, there are several exceptions when you use our fulfillment service. Check CJdropshipping Service Fee here.
  • 15、Why are CJ's products cheaper than Aliexpress's, but the shipping costs are higher?

    1. CJ product price is cheaper since we source directly from the factory.

    2. Aliexpress added shipping to the cost of the product.

    3. We support to combine orders to save your cost.

  • 16、How to verify your email address after registration?

    There are two ways to verify your email address. 

    1. We will send you a "Registration Success" email and you can check and click "Activate Email" to verify your email;

    2. You can also log in and click the reminder on top of the page to verify. We will send you a verification code to your email and you can enter the code to verify.

    Check more details here: How to verify your email address?

    If you still can't verify your email, please submit a ticket or write to CJ Support (Email: support@cjdropshipping.com) for help.

  • 17、Why cannot I list to my eBay store, and what should I do?

    There are many reasons. Please do as follows:

    1. Check if your token is expired. If so, please reauthorize your store; 

    2. Check if the quantity or amount of variants exceeds the limits of eBay.

    3. The emails address problems. Please check: if it isn't linked to a Paypal account; can't be used for Paypal payments; the format of the PayPal email address is not valid)

    Find more possible solutions and suggestions here

  • 18、What are the common Woocommerce store issues and what should I do?

    We make a summary of the common issues when you authorize your Woocommerce stores and possible solutions about Woocomerce stores. 
  • 19、What are points rewards and how do I use them?

    By placing orders on the CJ Dropshipping system, you can get certain points according to your sales amount. 
    We not only provide excellent sourcing and shipping service but also terrific visiting service covering airport transfer, hotel reservation, travel, translation, and various Chinese food for our customers, which can be exchanged with your points
  • 20、How to use video and photo shooting services?

    You should have your own video to make high use of your ads cost. 

    CJ is providing a photography service that you can post requests to get your own photos or videos for your picked product. You can certainly get free videos of some of our products here.

    We offer the shooting service for three kinds of products: CJ's products, your store's products, and individual products. Find more details here

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