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List products to your store automatically.
  • 41、How to connect Amazon store?

    Amazon is not compatible with CJ at the moment. Yet you still can create orders manually. If you want to list products in your store, please try to create a listing from AmazonSeller Central.

    If there're any problems, you can also contact our online agent for help.

  • 42、CJ vs Shopify vs Alidropship?

    They are different platforms. Shopify is for opening a store while CJ and Alidropship are two plug-ins for order fulfillment. 

    When you have a store, you can install the apps/plug-ins that can provide products, shipment for your store without any cost.

  • 43、How to email customers when orders have been fulfilled on Shopify?

    If your order is fulfilled by CJ, your customers can be notified with shipping information. 

    The only requirement is that your store is authorized to CJ. Then, we will automatically allow Email Permission.

    If you like, you can set the shipping template on Shopify by Settings > Notifications > Shipping > Shipping confirmation.

  • 44、Can I connect my WordPress shop with CJ?

    There are two methods to connect a WooCommerce store: 

    1. By default

    2. By OAuth Plugin.

    You may use OAuth Plugin if you failed by default. After operating, your orders can be synced to CJ and we will fulfill your order as you like. 

    You could also contact our online agents for help at any time.

  • 45、Why can't I apply POD to Woocommerce?

    POD by buyers is not compatible with Woocommerce. 

    You can design the product on CJ and then import the designed product to your store as a dropshipping product. 

    Also, you can design it and make a manual order or Excel order to CJ, then we can process it as you required.   

  • 46、What is MFA?

    Multi-factor Authentication ("MFA") is an authentication method that requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to gain access to a resource such as an application, online account, or a VPN. MFA is a core component of a strong identity and access management (IAM) policy. Rather than just asking for a username and password, MFA requires one or more additional verification factors, which decreases the likelihood of a successful cyber attack.  

  • 47、Can you teach me how to start dropshipping?

    You can learn from our mentors and articles on Help Center

    Besides, you can start dropshipping freely on WED2C.

  • 48、Do you have any recommended tools?

    You will find all the tools for your success here. It is an amazing website where you can have your mentors.  

  • 49、Can I have a mentor?

    You can have professional mentors here. Please also find useful information

    You can also contact our online agent for any help. 


  • 50、Can CJ guide me to do dropshipping step by step?

    CJ gathered professional mentors with various lessons to help you to start your own business from zero to ten. 

    Click here to enter the home page to have a look. 

    If you want to start at 0 costs, WED2C can be a good option. It combines business with social media to allow anyone to participate. You don't have to worry about products, inventory, shipment, and after-sales services. Join in now: wed2c.com  

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