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List products to your store automatically.
  • 1、When and how can I get the tracking number and dispatching time?

    Normally, a tracking number will be generated within two working days after payment provided sufficient inventory in the CJ warehouse. If your store is connected with CJ, the tracking numbers will be synchronized to your stores automatically. If you don't have an authorized store, you can find out in Order Fulfillment> Processing/Processed.

    Find more details in the tutorial: How to Get Tracking Numbers? 

  • 2、Why have my customers not received their items even after 2 months?

    Our average delivery time to the USA is 12-50 days by ePacket and 14-25 days by China Post Registered Air Mail. However, it is an average figure which means there will be probably a few delays during the shipping for some unlucky parcels. Sometimes because of the festival, serious weather, security inspection, etc. Anyway, we will always follow these delay orders for you. 
  • 3、Why there is no tracking information of my package on CJ website?

    Normally, it will take around 3 days to update tracking information after it is dispatched. 3 days later, if you still cannot see the updating information, probably there is a delay of the processing in the post office. Then, we have to wait for another 2 days. Besides, there might be a temporary out of stock for items selling like hotcakes. But they will be back to stock in 2-3 days, and the tracking information will be updated soon.

  • 4、Why does the package stay in one location for a long time?

    Generally, the parcel will experience several times of security checks from the post office to the terminal. If an order didn't pass through the terminal check then it will be returned to the post office and be rechecked to ship out. For this period, it will take a very long time, that is why your package stays without moving. 

  • 5、Why is my tracking number not synced to my Shopify store?

    Shopify platform had changed its API code which requires you to select Shopify or CJdropshipping as your product inventory manager or your orders cannot be fulfilled by CJ even if you pick CJ as the inventory manager later. 

  • 6、How to add orders tracking feature to your Shopify store?

    Basically, merchants like you can hide everything related to dropshipping from the buyers. Moreover, customers can easily track their orders within your store page when viewing their order information and clicking the tracking number. 
  • 7、Is it possible to select more than one shipping method in order to give my customers more options when listing products to my stores?

    Sorry, you can't add more shipping methods when listing the products to your store. But you can add any shipping methods to your store manually, and change the shipping method on the CJ order page when submitting orders to CJ.
  • 8、How to get tracking numbers?

    If you had your store connected to CJ APP, and you place dropshipping order. Automatically, the tracking numbers will be synced to your stores, and you can check your store directly with tracking numbers updated.
    If your store had not connected to CJ APP, and you place bulk purchase order which begins with "ZF" or you submit your orders to CJ by EXCEL/CSV and create orders manually. For Classic CJ, you need to download the tracking numbers manually. For Fresh CJ, please check the tutorial here: New CJ: How to Get Tracking Numbers?

  • 9、How to import the "tracking numbers" to Shopify store by bulk?

    After exporting tracking numbers from CJ APP, you will need to import tracking numbers to your Shopify store by using MassFulfill. You can search for it from Shopify APP store.

  • 10、How to setup shipping formula on Shopify store?

    Shipping cost is an important part of your store. This article introduces how to set up a shipping formula in a Shopify store. The shipping checklist in Shopify was taken here:

    1. Set up your shipping rates and methods
    2. Add product weighs
    3. Choose your preferred package type
    4. Get free package material
    5. Print a test shipping label

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